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Point of sale solutions in Kenya Software and Hardware you need;

The equipment used in a point-of-sale (POS) system is very important, as it can determine how efficiently the POS system conducts financial transactions.

In a typical POS system set up like find you will find; computer, barcode scanner, thermal printer, cash drawer, payment terminal, Cash Drawer, and more. If you looking to set up a point of sale system in Kenya,

Barcode Scanners

List and Types of barcode scanners;

Table Mount Barcode Scanners
Handheld Barcode Scanners
Wireless Barcode Scanners
2D Barcode scanners
1D Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners and readers data capture tools to check up or record requirements equipment; typical application is look up prices and record items at checkout.  Also, Record Incoming Inventory by tracking the barcodes of the received Items.

Common types of barcode scanners to buy in Kenya to buy today are majorly; Handheld – Handheld barcode scanners are ideal for scanning large or heavy items that are too difficult or cumbersome to easily move. They can be either; wired / wireless Barcode Scanner with 1D and 2D Options, 2D Barcode scanners are able to scan QR Codes hence called QR-SCANNERS

In-Counter Table Mount Barcode Scanners – These are large and bulky scanners that need to be installed into counter tops. They offer very accurate scanning mechanisms. They excel at being able to scan barcodes quickly and are designed to be used in high-volume environments..

Magnetic Card Scanners and Readers (MSR)

At the POS system, MSR Card reader help you to accept credit and Debit cards, In shops, they can also be used in awarding points to customers The alternative is for your staff to manually enter card numbers, which is more time consuming.

Cash Register POS Systems

Cash registers store money at your point of sale; If you mainly conduct cash transactions, you may want to consider purchasing a cash register as an all-in-one solution. Additional supplies and equipment such as cash drawers, cash bags, and coin wrappers can help you stay organized.

Point-of-Sale Computer and Peripherals

Point of sale Computers store the software that runs all the operations of the operations at the cash desk, A standard 2gb 250hdd and Core 2 duo Machines can do all your operations A descent All in Point of Sale All in touch can also offer you all the power to run a point of Sale

Point of sale Touchscreen Monitors – Using a mouse at a checkout station is not always possible due to space limitations. Touchscreen monitors are an alternative that are easy-to-use and can replace mice for checkout-related tasks.

Software – POS software allows you and your staff to look up item prices, process payments, track inventory, and more. It is one of the most important considerations when implementing a new POS system.

Thermal Receipt Printers – A special type of printer that does not require ink or toner cartridges for printing. Instead, it prints by heating a special type of heat-sensitive paper.

POS systems in retail and similar businesses will often have thermal printers to print receipts.

The list of Point of sale Receipt Printers brands in Kenya
X-pos Thermal Printers
E-Pos Receiot Printers
X-Printers and Macros

 Point-of-sale (POS) systems track and process sales and inventory quickly and easily. They ensure that stock is always on hand and that products are reordered when needed. They are available with different functions to suit the needs of various customers.

POS systems work with printers and other accessories

POS computers have a touchscreen for easy tracking and handling of sales and inventory. POS printers connect to the point-of-sale systems and print out orders and receipts for staff and customers. Print speeds range from 8.9 lines per second to three lines per second, depending on the needs of a business. POS accessories complement the system. Card readers and signature pads help customers to pay via debit or credit card. Ribbon, paper, and roll mounts make it easy to print accurate receipts for customers. Cash drawers ensure money stays secure before it’s deposited in the bank.

Selecting the best POS system for a business

Consider the cost of setup and the compatibility with hardware when purchasing the system. In most cases, systems with low running costs require more setup costs. Choose a system that matches the features needed by the business. Go for a system that is easy to operate to increase productivity. An easy-to-use POS also improves the satisfaction of the staff members. A retail POS with several training resources helps in easy learning and keeps the employees up to speed.

Why is it important to have POS systems?

Having a point-of-sale system benefits a business by providing a comprehensive solution to most daily issues. The system helps in solving issues concerning inventories that fail to match tallies. Other issues such as human errors and unrecorded sales require the use of the system. It records and collects data accurately and monitors the running of a business.

The system also saves important information in a database for easy retrieval. The data helps in carrying out an analysis of the products that sell the most and those that have the least demand. POS cash registers automatically track and calculate fluctuations in pricing while also updating the inventory.

What are the features of a POS system?

A POS system consists of both software and hardware. The POS software maintains and stores information in a database and runs all the computations at the Point of sale Terminal

A good POS software is responsible for employee management, inventory tracking and analytics, among others. Most POS software work with third-party software like accounting software for ecommerce platforms, email marketing solutions, and bookkeeping.

New Android Point of Sale systems

Most M-POS comprises of a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet and a cash register. Some systems have add-ons like label printers, scales for weighted items, and a bar code scanner.

Some systems work with an ALL in one android computers and connect the iPad to the system and process sales and carry it when leaving the workplace. This works well for small businesses. Consider a handheld terminal as an alternative mobile option to improve inventory monitoring. Your mobile printer can now have a backup source of power with printer batteries

Application of Point of Sale systems in Nairobi

Most retail businesses take advantage of POS cash registers managing transactions and price management. Most businesses in the hospitality industry, such as travel agencies, bakeries, and wedding services, use POS software to track customers and store transactions. Other industries include entertainment, beauty supplies, electronics, and home goods.