Projectors, Projectors Screen, POS, Thermal Printers and Accessories

Original price was: KSh20,000.00.Current price is: KSh19,000.00.

Projectors, Projectors Screen, POS, Thermal Printers and Accessories @ Treline Networks, Nairobi Kenya

ItemDescriptionPrice in KSH
Adapterthermal printer Adaptor3250
all in oneall in one without MSR74100
all in one msrall in one with msr76700
BS201Chand held barcode scanner5850
BS305Lhand held + table mount8450
bs322Ltable mount barcode scanner31200
CD350cash drawer8450
ceililing mount 1.8m100-180cm6240
ceiling mount 1.5m75-150 cm7150
ceiling mount 1mt50-100 cm5850
ceiling mount 2mt2meter9100
Ceiling mount 6363-100 cm5850
e-pos 165e-pos16583200
e-pos 195e-pos19578000
electric 72*72electric 72*72 screen22100
Electric screen 100″100″ 4:3 with RF remote28600
Electric screen 120″120″ 4:3 with RF remote32110
Electric screen 72″72′ 4:3 with RF remote18850
Electric screen 84″84″ 4:3 with RF remote22100
Electric screen 96″96″ 3:4 with RF remote24050
epos 220epso tep 22020150
epos 250epos eco 2500
epos cashepos cash drawer8450
epso Ntep220N20150
epson 955eb 955w52000
epson ballastballast10400
epson projectorepson eb90533800
HDMI 10HDMI 10m2080
HDMI 15Hdmi 15m2600
HDMI 2HDMI 1in 2out3250
HDMI 20Hdmi 15m3640
HDMI 25Hdmi 25m5200
HDMI 30Hdmi 30m5850
HDMI 4HDMI 1in 4out4160
HDMI AVHdmi to AV converter5850
HDMI TO VGAHdami to VGA cable1950
laser 650Rwireless presenter(fym-LP650R4485
laser 896uwireless presenter fym-l896u2925
Laser 950Rwireless presenter(fym-LP950 R5200
laser lce-l891Twireless presenter(lce-l891T)2990
laser ls -01wireless presenter ls -023250
laser ls 06wireless presenter fym-ls 063250
manual 60*60manual 60*6012350
manual 72*72manual 72*7213650
manual 84*84manual 84*8414300
manual 96*96manual 96*9616250
Manual screen 100″100″ 4:318850
manual screen 120″120″ 4:321450
manual screen 72″72″ 4:313000
Manual screen 84″84″4:313650
Manual screen 96″96″ 4:314950
msrcard reader5850
projector epsonepson eb825h44850
projector epson ebwepson ebw1043550
projector epson ebxepson ebx843550
projector ex100sony ex10032500
projector ex120sony ex12032500
projector ex130sony ex13034450
projector ex145sony ex14534450
projector ex7sony ex7 projector30550
projector ex70sony ex7032500
projector lamposram lamp11050
projector lamp Benqshp11917160
projector lamp empepson 170 watts14950
projector lamp ep ebELPLP6714950
projector lamp epson135 watts14950
projector lamp es3165 watts12350
projector lamp es5es5 lamp11570
projector lamp ex7140/210 watts13650
projector lamp mslamp ms513212350
projector lamp sanyosanyo 30514950
projector panasopt-lb10u19500
projector panasonicpanasonic ptlb232500
projector standprojector stand with plate10660
sanyo-xwsanyo plc-xw20019500
sanyo sesanyo plc se 20A13000
sony 142sony dx14276050
sony ex221ex2210
sony140sony dx14076440
thermal printermini thermal printer17550
touch screen p15′ touchscreen proffessional stand33150
tripod 60*60tripod 60*60 screen11700
tripod 72*72tripod 72*72 screen14300
tripod screen 60″60″ 4:312350
Tripod screen 72″72:04:0313650
Tripod screen 84″84″ 4:314950
VGA 10vga 10m1950
VGA 15Vga 15m1950
VGA 2VGA 1 in 2 out1040
VGA 20Vga 20m3250
VGA 25Vga 25m3250
VGA 30Vga 30m3900
VGA 4VGA 1in 4out1950
VGA AVVga to AV converter5850
viewsonicshort throw26000
hitach cphitach cp-x34519500
posiflextouch system89700
Projectors, Projectors Screen, POS, Thermal Printers and Accessories

Original price was: KSh20,000.00.Current price is: KSh19,000.00.


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