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  • Touch screen point of sale monitors for use at the Point of Sale Micros TM 1501

  • Epson LabelWorks LW-400VP Kenya Shop.

    The LW-400VP is straightforward to use and ideal for busy work environments away @ the office. Dedicated buttons give quick access to cutting and printing functions, Save and recall your favorite 50 label designs.

  • Epson LabelWorks LW-400 Label Maker

  • 2D Wireless Barcode Scanner also is known as Bluetooth  Barcode Scanner. The  Syble XB-6266MB  Wireless 2d barcode scanner Can scan All types of barcodes and QR Codes.

    Syble XB-6266MB QR Code Scanner Scanning technology Outperforms Barcode scanner @ other brands such as Honeywell, Epos Etc

  • Magnetic Swipe Readers (MSRs) and Writers @ Treline Networks, Nairobi Kenya

  • VFD 8000 customer display pole for point of sale systems and applications. Customer displays may contain either multi-line fluorescent or LCD displays that connect to your system through a USB, Serial, or Parallel connection

  • The EPOS EC301 – Handheld Laser Barcode Scanner supports both manual and continuous barcode scanning mode

    Suitable for any Point of Sale applications

  • Projectors, Projectors Screen, POS, Thermal Printers and Accessories @ Treline Networks, Nairobi Kenya

    Item Description Price in KSH
    Adapter thermal printer Adaptor 3250
    all in one all in one without MSR 74100
    all in one msr all in one with msr 76700
    BS201C hand held barcode scanner 5850
    BS305L hand held + table mount 8450
    bs322L table mount barcode scanner 31200
    CD350 cash drawer 8450
    ceililing mount 1.8m 100-180cm 6240
    ceiling mount 1.5m 75-150 cm 7150
    ceiling mount 1mt 50-100 cm 5850
    ceiling mount 2mt 2meter 9100
    Ceiling mount 63 63-100 cm 5850
    Dmd 4 15600
    e-pos 165 e-pos165 83200
    e-pos 195 e-pos195 78000
    electric 72*72 electric 72*72 screen 22100
    Electric screen 100″ 100″ 4:3 with RF remote 28600
    Electric screen 120″ 120″ 4:3 with RF remote 32110
    Electric screen 72″ 72′ 4:3 with RF remote 18850
    Electric screen 84″ 84″ 4:3 with RF remote 22100
    Electric screen 96″ 96″ 3:4 with RF remote 24050
    epos 220 epso tep 220 20150
    epos 250 epos eco 250 0
    epos cash epos cash drawer 8450
    epso N tep220N 20150
    epson S18 51350
    epson 955 eb 955w 52000
    epson ballast ballast 10400
    epson projector epson eb905 33800
    HDMI 10 HDMI 10m 2080
    HDMI 15 Hdmi 15m 2600
    HDMI 2 HDMI 1in 2out 3250
    HDMI 20 Hdmi 15m 3640
    HDMI 25 Hdmi 25m 5200
    HDMI 30 Hdmi 30m 5850
    HDMI 4 HDMI 1in 4out 4160
    HDMI AV Hdmi to AV converter 5850
    HDMI TO VGA Hdami to VGA cable 1950
    Hitach cp 29900
    laser 650R wireless presenter(fym-LP650R 4485
    laser 896u wireless presenter fym-l896u 2925
    Laser 950R wireless presenter(fym-LP950 R 5200
    laser lce-l891T wireless presenter(lce-l891T) 2990
    laser ls -01 wireless presenter ls -02 3250
    laser ls 06 wireless presenter fym-ls 06 3250
    manual 60*60 manual 60*60 12350
    manual 72*72 manual 72*72 13650
    manual 84*84 manual 84*84 14300
    manual 96*96 manual 96*96 16250
    Manual screen 100″ 100″ 4:3 18850
    manual screen 120″ 120″ 4:3 21450
    manual screen 72″ 72″ 4:3 13000
    Manual screen 84″ 84″4:3 13650
    Manual screen 96″ 96″ 4:3 14950
    msr card reader 5850
    projector epson epson eb825h 44850
    projector epson ebw epson ebw10 43550
    projector epson ebx epson ebx8 43550
    projector ex100 sony ex100 32500
    projector ex120 sony ex120 32500
    projector ex130 sony ex130 34450
    projector ex145 sony ex145 34450
    projector ex7 sony ex7 projector 30550
    projector ex70 sony ex70 32500
    projector lamp osram lamp 11050
    projector lamp Benq shp119 17160
    projector lamp emp epson 170 watts 14950
    projector lamp ep eb ELPLP67 14950
    projector lamp epson 135 watts 14950
    projector lamp es3 165 watts 12350
    projector lamp es5 es5 lamp 11570
    projector lamp ex7 140/210 watts 13650
    projector lamp ms lamp ms5132 12350
    projector lamp sanyo sanyo 305 14950
    projector panaso pt-lb10u 19500
    projector panasonic panasonic ptlb2 32500
    projector stand projector stand with plate 10660
    sanyo-xw sanyo plc-xw200 19500
    sanyo se sanyo plc se 20A 13000
    sony 142 sony dx142 76050
    sony ex221 ex221 0
    sony140 sony dx140 76440
    thermal printer mini thermal printer 17550
    touch screen p 15′ touchscreen proffessional stand 33150
    tripod 60*60 tripod 60*60 screen 11700
    tripod 72*72 tripod 72*72 screen 14300
    tripod screen 60″ 60″ 4:3 12350
    Tripod screen 72″ 72:04:03 13650
    Tripod screen 84″ 84″ 4:3 14950
    VGA 10 vga 10m 1950
    VGA 15 Vga 15m 1950
    VGA 2 VGA 1 in 2 out 1040
    VGA 20 Vga 20m 3250
    VGA 25 Vga 25m 3250
    VGA 30 Vga 30m 3900
    VGA 4 VGA 1in 4out 1950
    VGA AV Vga to AV converter 5850
    viewsonic short throw 26000
    hitach cp hitach cp-x345 19500
    posiflex touch system 89700
  • POSIFLEX POS terminal Touch 1.53GHz, SATA Storage 500GB, 4Gb RAM

  • Easy to use table mount Barcode Scanner. The fixed  Barcode Scanner It has its application in retail, Hospitality ticketing, and Industrial Manufacturing, packaging and Inventory management in a busy environment

  • Handheld and table mount barcode scanners and Point of sale  systems shop in Nairobi kenya 

  • Honeywell/ EPOS Handheld Barcode Scanners with, reliable scanning, making it ideal for retail, hospital, education or government settings

  • Magnetic Stripe/Swipe Card Readers MSR. Magnetic stripe card Readers is designed to read cards incorporating a magnetic swipe, including credit, loyalty, gift, and log-on cards. this MSR can also be used in Airports to read boarding passes and tickets.

  • Brief Product Description

    Touch Dynamic Breeze, 15 in. w/Intel Atom 1.86GHz Fanless, 2 GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Windows 7, Resistive Zero Bezel Trueflat Touch, 3 in 1 MSR

  • Touch Dynamic Breeze, 15 in. w/Intel Atom 1.86GHz Fanless, 2 GB RAM, 320GB HDD, Windows 7, Resistive Zero Bezel Trueflat Touch, 3 in 1 MSR

  • Syble XB-6266MB wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner wireless QR code reader 2d


Point of Sale Hardware Solutions for Retail and Outlets

We offer Simple Effective Point of Sale (POS) Hardware solutions for Retailers with a complete range of Point of Sale hardware solutions for all Point of Sale applications covering Retail, Hospitality and MPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) requirements.

Our Point of Sale hardware is suitable for all platforms from PC to iPad’s and Android MPOS and will allow simple integration into a variety of physical point of sale environments.

If you need help finding the right Point of Sale hardware solution or Mobile Point of Sale bundle of hardware compatible with your retail software application, contact ERS and speak to one of our professional technical advisors who will be pleased to offer advice and support and find the most suitable and cost effective Electronic Point of Sale solution