Point of Sale Customer Display Poles | VFD 8000 Machine


VFD 8000 POS machine Customer pole display and stand.

VFD 8000 POS machine Customer pole display.

VFD 8000 pos machine pole display /customer display is available as pole or desktop models. They are useful in displaying deliver customer prices and information can be used  to show custom messages, and adverts as the customer purchase is processed.

The Point of Sale Pole Display pole/Satbd  Customer displays may are  LCD displays and are connected to the point of Sale PC that via USB, Serial, or Parallel connection.

Customer Point of sale LCD Displays Makes it very easy for your customers to follow each transaction with the right customer display.

VFD 8000 Pole Customer Display Specifications 

  1. VFD 8000  comes with Double lines 40 characters LCD display
  2. We offer the the best prices for a quality double line VFD display
  3. RS232, VGA  communication
  4. The pole height is adjustable to  customer Needs 
  5. 2×20 VFD customer display Interface: RS232 ( 9-pin, Female )

Customer pole displays in Kenya @ Treline Point of sale solutions

VFD 8000 POS Pole display machine Is Built with adjustable heights and bright LCD displays.



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