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KX-TS880 Panasonic Corded Landline Phone

Panasonic KX-TS880MX Single Line Corded Phone

Buy  KX-TS880MX Corded Phone in Kenya fromTronik  Panasonic shop. With the Panasonic Single Line KX-TS880MX Corded Phone, you can make phone calls faster.

KX-TS880MX Corded Phone can memorize up to 20 phone numbers from your contact list and lets you connect to your acquaintances with a simple touch. The Single Line Corded Phone allows you to auto-redial 20 of your most repeatedly called phone numbers with great comfort.

The audio transmission technologies that have been accumulated by Panasonic over the years enable clear sound for smooth, comfortable conversations

The Panasonic KX-TS880 Single line integrated phone It features;

  • Caller ID* Compatible
  • 20 one Touch/10 speed Dialer
  • 20 redial Memory/Auto redial
  • Hands-Free Speakerphone
  • Ringer Indicator
  • 39cm Long Curl Cord
  • 2-Step Tilt Angle
  • Programmable Flash Time Setting
  • Programmable Tone/Pulse setting
  • 3-Step Ringer Volume (off, Low, High)
  • Dial Lock

KX-TS880MX Corded Phone to enable calling on these at just a single touch. Feed 20 contact numbers for any time easy auto-redial phone calling.

The Panasonic Single Line KX-TS880MX Corded Phone flashes the caller identity of your phone callers. If it’s an important number, you can be prompt about answering it.

You can store up to 50 contact numbers with names into the Single Line Corded Phone’s Caller ID Memory and the device shows you the name and number when you receive incomings from this list.

Hands-Free Speakerphone

The hands-free speakerphone of this Single Line KX-TS880MX Corded Phone allows you to easily carry out your domestic chores while you are talking over a phone call.

Your callers’ voice will also be clear and loud with this hands-free speakerphone.

The callers on the other side will also hear every word that you speak with clarity.

Interaction over this Panasonic Single Line KX-TS880MX Corded Phone is seamless and convenient.

Wall Mount

Keep the Panasonic Single Line KX-TS880MX Corded Phone on your desk or mount it on a wall as per choice and requirement. With its compact design, it does not occupy too much of your table’s space.

Dial Lock

Panasonic Single Line KX-TS880MX Corded Phone. It features Dial Lock that allows only authorized users to make phone calls with the device.

The landline telephone can pre-program certain emergency contact numbers in the Corded Phone’s memory and the device disables calling on all other numbers except these emergency numbers.


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