Siemon Cat6A Patch-cord and Cables 1M| 2M| 5M| 3M| 10M


Quality Patch codes for Networking Solutions, Available in Custom Meters as Below

  • Siemon1 Meter Cat  6a  Patch Cords –   700.00
  • Siemon 2Meter Cat  6a   Patch Cords –  800.00
  • Siemon 3 Meter Cat 6a   Patch Cords –  900.00
  • Siemon 5 Meter Cat 6a  Patch Cords –   1500.00
  • Siemon 10 Meter Cat 6  Patch Cords –   1200.00



Siemon Cat6A Patch-cord is a short Ethernet Factory patched Cable in 1M| 2M| 5M| 3M| 10M Lengths

Siemon cat6a patch cord is a category 6a Gigabit speed patch cable suitable for structured cabling solutions and computer networking 

You can buy in Kenya  Siemon Cat 6a  Patch Codes cables 1M| 2M| 5M| 3M| 10M for structured cabling and office networking applications. 

Siemon Cat 6 Patch Cord

Siemon Cat 6a Patch Cord delivers category 6 performance with a reduced cable diameter for improved airflow and increased flexibility in high-density patching areas.

Cat 6a Siemon Patch Cord smaller 28 AWG stranded copper construction offers a significantly tighter bend radius for easier cable routing and enhanced cable management,

Siemon Cat 6a Patch Cord specification

  • ANSI/TIA-568-C.2
  • TIA 968-A
  • ANSI/TIA-1096-A
  • ISO/IEC 11801
  • IEEE 802.3 PoE Type 1, Type 2
  • UPoE
  • Power over HDBASE-T (PoH)
  • IEC 60603-7
  • cUL US Listed

The RJ 45 Cat 6 Ethernet Patch codes  have high-performance  up to Gigabit

The Category 6 UTP Patch Cable is Suitable for connecting devices and creating a 10Mbps/100Mbps/1000Mbps network 

Specifications and Features of cat 6 patch codes cables 

  • High-quality Ethernet Network Cable with two RJ45 Connectors
  • Up to 1000Mps / Gigabit Ethernet Speed
  • Cat 6 patch codes  work with devices which have Ethernet Port such as the computers, laptops, network switches, Routers,  and Router modem and so on

Category 6 UTP Patch Cable Tronik Networking shop in Nairobi

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