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Tenda F6 Wireless N300 Easy Setup Wi-Fi Router 300 (White, Not a Modem)



Tenda F6 Wireless N300  Wi-Fi Router 300

Wireless Router or WiFi Access Point with speed rate up to 300Mbps is ideal for streaming music, uploading photos, video chatting, HD video streaming and other bandwidth-intensive tasks.

Tenda F6 Router and Wirelessa Range Extender for small Office and Home

Tenda F6 as a wireless WiFi Router

F6 is specially designed for regular urban flat. With 4 external 5dbi antennas, the wireless coverage can perfectly cover any regular flat or student accommodation;

Tenda F6 Wireless N300 Easy Setup WiFi Range Extender and Access Points

F6 can also be used as WiFi signal extender, just one step to bridging two routers brings your twice WiFi coverage.

The built-in Qualcomm chip is compatible with any mainstream mobile phone signal module, and maintain your connection stable.

In addition, it comes with WiFi timer switch function, you can enjoy your WiFi but without worrying about spending too much time on it.

Tenda F6 Router and Wirelessa Range Extender for small Office and Home prices

Feature and Tenda F6 Specs

  1. Single-band 2.4GHz Wi-Fi for high-speed wireless transfer
  2. Three external 5dBi antennas for stronger network signal
  3.  Ensures safe and reliable surfing experience
  4. Enables you to enjoy high-definition videos and play high-load games
  5. Easy to install and convenient to use


Tenda F6 is a wireless router featured eco-friendliness and dedicated to users living in small and medium houses.With four 5 dBi high gain external omni-directional antennas and powerful built-in chip, F6 blankets your house with reliable and fast internet connection.

With the wireless repeating function, F6 allows you to broaden your WiFi coverage by extending the WiFi network of your existing router with one step. And the WiFi Schedule function allows you and your family to enjoy healthy WiFi.


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