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22U 600×600 Outdoor Data Cabinet

22U 600mm Wide x 600mm Deep Outdoor Wall Mount Server Rack


Outdoor Wall Mount Server Rack Cabinets are designed to protect your sensitive network equipment from harsh environments. We have included features to safeguard it from the elements, while still keeping the equipment secure.


22U Data Cabinets Store in Nairobi

The Outdoor 22U Network/ Data Cabinet is a perfect solution for Outdoor Freestanding or  wall-mount applications;

  • Loading capacity: 40kg
  • Doors: 180 Degrees opening angle & can be mounted on the left or right-hand side with a simple spring latch
  • Security: Lockable Doors and side Panels
  • Ventilation: Optional Fans can be fitted if required
The Outdoor Cabinet is ideal for small network installations where floorspace doesn’t allow for a floor standing server cabinet. This product is perfect for a single-person installation with easy mounting brackets.
 Wall cabinets have removable and lockable side panels for easy access and security. The 450mm deep racks are available in assembled form, whereas the 550mm and the 600mm racks are also available in flatpack form if required

The outdoor server racks include a high-grade polyurethane door joint strip, rain hood and is secured with a 3-point swing handle locking system. All fixtures are internal to the cabinet to provide a secure solution.


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