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3G  and 4G Gms Wifi Routers with sim-card slots


Buy 3G  and 4G Gms Wifi Routers with sim-card slots in Kenya

Get Gitel 3G811N is the perfect device to access the Internet via GSM network wherever GSM signal and the power supply are available.

Glitel 3G811N is a high performance low cost 3G router with support for 802.11n WiFi transmission speed up to 300Mbps.

Devices can be connected to 3G router Glitel 3G811N via 4 LAN ports and a WiFi network. User interface in Slovak and English allows easy use of Glitel 3G811N.

3G WiFi router Glitel 3G811N is a suitable device to access the Internet at homes and in small businesses.

  • Streaming,
  • Fast Browsing
  • Online gaming
  • Can be used with any sim-card – Safaricom, Orange or Airtel
  • Can connect up to 100 devices 32 devices via Wi-Fi
  • Good with 2.4 GHz devices
  • Phones
  • CCTV –cloud monitoring
  • Laptops and Computers
  • Smart TV online streaming
  • Cyber Café, Hotels,


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