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TP-Link M7200 MiFi is a 4G LTE MiFi -Portable and compatible Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom WiFi

Buy Portable Wifi Router TP-Link M7200 Kenya.Tp-Link 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi (M7200) in kenya

Tdk Offers the Best 4G LTE Mobile Wi-FiM7200 Prices at Our Store in Nairobi.

4G LTE supported, up to 10 devices simultaneously, 2.4GHz (150 Mbps) Wi-Fi, 2000mAh battery (up to 8 hours)

The MiFi- Wifi Routers supports 3G and 4G  with link speed up to 150Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds.

The 4G Wifi Routers can Supports up to 10 devices simultaneously and fast speeds for Supporting the latest generation 4G LTE network,

TP-Link MiFi  Routers 150Mbps download speeds enable your HD movies without interruption, download files in seconds, and hold a video chat without dropouts.


Specifications of the Portable wifi router M7200 4G LTE

TP-LINK 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi (M7200)

4G LTE supported, up to 10 devices simultaneously, 2.4GHz (300 Mbps) Wi-Fi, 2000mAh battery (up to 8 hours)

  • Share with friends internet access for up to 10 devices simultaneously
  • 2000mAh battery for 8 hours of usage
  • Supports the latest generation 4G FDD/TDD-LTE, compatible with the network of most countries and regions
  • Easy management with the tpMiFi App

Order for this M7200 4G LTE-Advanced Mobile Wi-Fi in Nairobi  Kenya from Tdk Solutions and have it delivered to you.

8+ Hours of Sharable 4G

With its powerful 2000mAh battery, the M7300 can provide up to 10+ hours of wireless connectivity, making it the perfect companion for travel, business trips, outdoor activities, and more.

Get Your Network Up and Running in Seconds

M7300 features a compact and user-friendly design, all you need is to insert a SIM card and press the power button. Your high-speed 4G hotspot will be operational within a half minute.

Easy Management with the tpMiFi App

With the tpMiFi App, you can easily access and manage the M7300 from your connected iOS/Android devices. The tpMiFi app allows you to establish data limits, control which devices can access your Wi-Fi, send messages, and share media files to/from a removable Micro SD card.

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