Wireless Barcode Scanner 2D| QR Code Reader Syble XB-6266MB


Syble XB-6266MB wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner wireless QR code reader 2d

2D Wireless Bar-code scanner Syble XB-6266MB 

Wireless  Handheld Bar-codes Scanners  Syble XB-6266MB or use data capture and processing at  a point of sale Terminals

The Wireless Handheld Syble XB-2055 2D laser bar-code scanner. Suitable for use in retails, wholesale, mini markets, and use with  EPoS systems, supermarkets, warehousing and logistics, libraries, banks, transportation, postal service, industrial and manufacturing process management.

  • 2D laser bar-code scanner for POS system
  • Ergonomic design: comfortable and convenient to operate
  • Light bar-code scanner only 170g-good for handheld
  • Support manually, automatically and successively scanning
  • High scanning speed, over 300 scans per second
  • Flexible interface Bluetooth
  • Strong 3m drop resistance and high IP54 level
  • The bar-code Scanner Offers high-speed scanning of 300 scans/sec and a durable 3m drop specification and IP54 rating,
  • The XB-6266MB  is a reliable, snappy and versatile bar-code scanner.

Syble XB-6266MB  Scanner, Black, 2D Laser, Pistol Grip, Wireless  USB Interface, Corded USB 2m Cable (incl Stand).

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